I am a senior undergraduate from IIT Kanpur doing a major in Computer Science and Engineering. I am interested in building reliable and secure computer systems with the help of formal methods, program analysis and automated software testing. Currently, I am at MPI-SWS working on improving program analysis tools.

I spent the fall of 2019 as a semester exchange student at EPFL working with the Dependable Systems lab on the vigor project. We created a highly scalable network address translator and are now working on providing push-button verification for similar multi-threaded network functions. Prior to this, I was a software engineering intern at google working closely with the GCE autoscaling and GKE autoscaling teams. We also lead the leaderboard of Championship Value Prediction in the unlimited category from May 2019 to November 2019. Currently, we stand at the second position.

I have also spent some time with Microsoft Research, TLA+ in particular, exploring ways to scale liveness checking of TLC model checker. I also worked with JEE Adv. and JoSAA which is responsible for providing admissions to around 100,000 students in leading technical institutes of India constrained by multiple merit lists and several business rules.

During my free time, you will often find me solving algorithmic problems (helps to keep my brain refreshed), binge-watching, or reading some new fancy paper.

Thanks for reading! Peace, Parv.

P.S. I do not like frontend development and as a result I stole this template from @mdo.

Last updated: January 30, 2020